3rd level of Mandala temple dance on the coast of Sunny Crimea

3rd level of Mandala temple dance on the coast of Sunny Crimea

Thursday, October 11, 2018

At the 3rd level of Mandala dance there has happened a long-awaited meeting of women.

Crimea met us with sunny, warm summer weather. We spent 6 intense days in a very beautiful space at the hotel ‘Porto Mare’A huge white tent among the greenery and flowers became a place for our daily practices, and a cozy hotel area, SPA, swimming pools and a private beach were a faboluos place for relaxation and heart to heart communication.

For every woman it was even more immersion into the depths of the self and the opportunity to see the practice of Mandala at a totaly new level. Special attention was paid to the responsibility for the practice and the purity of the leanage of transmission. We also learned to transform all negative states into nectar through our body, using the body as an alchemical instrument, creating with all awerness together with the Higher consciousness, alignining our body and our Mandala of light.

Gathered togethet in one big circle, we created one multidimensional Mandala of light and love, setting intention for harmonization and healing of different situations on the Earth. As one woman said: “it is an infinitely beautiful process, i’m feeling delight inside, it is such a joy to be here»