What is Mandala Dance?

Mandala dance is a practice of multilevel energy alignment. It is a moving meditation, which connects inner and outer body. Through dance we connect left and right part of the body to balance it and harmonizes our energy Breathing with deep conscious tantric breath, feeling within, using intimate muscles you are guided to move back to the Earth, to be grounded and connected, to feel her power, her wisdom, love and support. This type of breathing activates our immune system, stimulates blood circulation and helps rejuvenation. Mandala dance through movement bring awareness to the fears blocking us emotionally, spiritually mentally and physically. It is a healing process to the soul and body helping to realize all painful memories, heal the core of them. We create the dance in accordance with Sacred Geometrical principles. Through the figure-of-eight (Eternity Symbol), through spirals, through waves and undulations, and through circles we consciously direct the energy in the body. While dancing these sacred patterns we visualize the colors of the rainbow. We harmonize and align the chakras (energy centers) and balance right and left (male and female) energies. The basic form is the figure-of-eight, through which every center meets and connects. Through this process we connect with the energy of the earth and the sky. We manifest all that is needed for healing and balance in life.   There are three basic levels that exist in Mandala:   The 1st level is our bodies' Mandala. If you look from above at our centers' structure you can see the complex Mandala figure composed of outlines of chakras. On this level we deeply connect with our body and breath. It is a process of coordination, finding a balance within, harmonizing energy. We don’t dance yet, we make a basic movement, reminding ourselves through movement, breathing, bringing attention to every part of the body. The 2nd level is a middle Mandala when we stand in the Women's Circle. If you look from above, you can see its constantly-changing figure through the dance. We synchronize with our movements and breath in one wave, integrating all energies in One, creating the beauty of the dance. In circle of femininity we exchange our capacities and wisdom. The 3rd level is a Mandala of the universe. We connect with the energy fields of the Earth and sky and four directions. We dance in a few circles and each circle creates unique pattern of the dance. We move together in multi-level dance.      

About Maya and Mandala structure

  Maya – master of sacred knowledge about human nature, creator of Mandala dance. She is holding various workshops for men and women, which open their primordial nature and integrate all experiences and qualities of life.   Maya has been giving transmission of Mandala dance since 2009. During these years she has created a system of integrative workshops and thousands of women has participated in them. For those who are ready to be instructor of Mandala dance, there are some basic and training workshops, such as like Birth, Blossoming, Maturity, 1,2,3th level of Mandala dance. Instructors hold regular classes in 30 cities in Russia, as well as in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia. Mandala dance becomes more and more popular, and women come from many countries, like France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, India, Thailand, Singapore, Bali.   All workshops help to give healing for the soul and body, feel the deepest truth of who you are, remember and connect with Infinite Creativity. Basic workshops are given by Maya with her soul sister and co-creator Tanhit. Maya started practicing and travelling all over the world at the age of 18, studying with many well-known masters, Osho-group leaders, Buddhist teachers, tantric masters Surabi, Punit. Maya has spent 14 years with sufi master Zahira. Her fundamental master is dzogchen teacher Namkai Norbu. Maya has spent many years practicing different therapeutic work, energy healing, reiki, massage. She has studied various dance traditions, such as contact improvisation, jazz- modern, tango, flamenco, for 6 years and constantly has visited international festivals.