10-15 December, Goa – Mandala dance, level 1 workshop

December 10, 2018

10:00 am

Beloved! We invite you to the workshop Mandala Dance, level two which will be held in Goa, India!

This is the level of the Individual Mandala.

The first level of Mandala dance is the basic stage of the practice which includes: body alignment, coordination of the consciousness, breath and movement, bringing ourselves back to conscious living in the body, healing of the soul and inharmonious experiences of the past. At this level we do not dance yet, we learn the basics.

The Mandala dance level 1 instructors have the right to conduct classes with women, in a group with a limited number of people – up to 10. It is important to remember that this is not the practice of the dance yet, it is the preparation. The instructors still align themselves, their body and mind and help other women in the group to learn the basic movements of the dance.

For getting a certificate of “Mandala dance level 1 instructor” there must be done the basic workshops: “Basics of life”, which is held by Maya, or “Birth”, which at this time is held by Lilith. Those who haven’t done these basic workshops can join the Mandala dance level 1 for a personal practice.

The attendance of the basic workshop gives the right to participate in the workshop “Mandala Dance, level 1”. At the end of the workshop, depending on the developed skills and understanding of the basics of the practice, women are granted the certificate which gives the right to conduct the practice.

For registration please contact Julia +7(926) 326-70-76 (calls and WhatsApp)