12-18 April, Bali – Sacred sexuality

April 12, 2019

10:00 am

We invite you to a new tantric workshop with Maya ” Sacred sexuality”.

This workshop is a journey to ourselves, our sexuality, subtlety, sensuality.

In this journey we will go in a deeper meeting with our body:

  • Exploring its nature, its sensuality, how the energy moves inside our body, how sexuality and receptivity are born
  • Recognizing what are the restrictions and blocks which limit the vitality in our body
  • Helping to heal the body and soul past stories, traumatic sexual experience
  • Opening new opportunities of playfulness and pleasure in the body, living it easily and naturally
  • Opening and accepting our sensuality, sensitivity, not only for ourselves but also in relationships with a partner, in relationships with people, how to show it in its purity and innocence
  • Working in pairs we will learn to share through acceptance, without judgment and fears about subtle feelings, the nature and desires of the body
  • Learning how to allow ourselves to see our beauty and open this beauty to the world
  • We will see how sexuality turns into creative forms in our life
  • We will understand how to live and realize the potential of creativity

We will go through different tantric practices, working with the subconscious levels and purifying it. We will use breathing practices, tantric massage, dance and sharing circles (questions and answers). We will work at the level of unity, connecting ourselves with the divine consciousness, the divine rhythm of the universe.

This workshop is for couples and for those who will come alone.

The workshop will be held on the beautiful, magical, tropical island Bali, in the retreat center located on the North coast of the island. All bungalows are in a cozy blossomed garden and have direct access to the ocean, each bungalow has large windows with tropical greenery. Each room has a unique design and has a name of a goddess or an enlightened master. In each bathroom there is a shower with hot water. In the retreat center there is all kind of service such as relaxing massage, free Wi-Fi, a pool and a library.

Please register early because space is limited!

For more information and registration please contact:

Yulia utrishkina@gmail.com
+7(926) 326-70-76 (calls and WhatsApp)