12-18 December – Goa, Mandala dance 2nd level

December 12, 2016

12:30 pm

The workshop is only for those who already successfully finished Mandala dance 1st level. It’s a second level of Instructor’s course of Mandala dance

Mandala dance is a practice of multilevel energy alignment. It is a moving meditation, which connects inner and outer body. Connecting of left and right part of the body through dance harmonizes our energy and help to find a balance into the body. Breathing with deep conscious tantric breath, feeling within, using intimate muscles you are guided to move back to the Earth, to be grounded and connected, to feel her power, her wisdom, love and support. This type of breathing activates our immune system, stimulates blood circulation and helps rejuvenation.

Mandala dance through movement bring awareness to the fears blocking us emotionally, spiritually mentally and physically. It is a healing process to the soul and body helping to realize all painful memories, heal the core of them.

For registration please contact Julia +79263267076 utrishkina@gmail.com