13 August 2017, Barcelona – Workshop Breath of Life

August 13, 2017

11:01 am

Beloved, we invite you to a beautifull Practice with Maya “Breath of Life”.

We will return into the body, into the divine presence through Madala dance, through breathing and Tantra.

Through tantric practice we will go deeply into the body, feel the divine energy and will be arising together with this energy up to the Unity with the Universe. Breath will help and support us in this process.

Also, this is an opportunity for those who just want to get acquainted with the practice Manda, to sensate and feel its energy in the body and for those who already have experience in the practice to get in touch more deeply with the field of the master, to align with it and to tune into, to bring all states into harmony and synchronicity.

Mandala temple dance is a deep spiritual practice that involves energy work, facilitates transformation and alignment of a woman’s body leading to rediscovery of its natural power, awakening its feminine essence and recognizing the Goddess within.

Mandala dance is a process of energy alignment at all levels, deep healing of body and soul.

Registration and details – +34672536971 Amrita Elena (calls and WhatsUpp) and Miledi.vladi@gmail.com