15-20 June 2018, Bulgary – Journey with Maya: The wisdom of the nature

June 15, 2018

10:01 am

In this journey we will learn the wisdom of the nature on Earth, the wisdom in our body, the wisdom of the Mother and Father qualities of the soul.

Through roots of the wisdom of male and female nature within us and in the Universe, through the sours of our family leneadge and wisdom of our body we will awaken the creative, sexual life energy, harmonizing ourselves with it, tuning into the qualities of the Great Mother and the Great Father.

We will reveal the wisdom of the nature in our body through the connection with Earth rhythms, elements and cycles of the Planet and the Universe.

On the Bulgarian land we will be able to restore the connection with the ancestors, to learn their wisdom inside our soul, inside our heart, to hear the voice of the Mother Earth and the Father Creator. We will co-create our lives together with them at all levels, building a large universal Mandala of our Life.

We will do practices in special places of Thracian civilization. Bulgaria is one of the few countries in Europe where a lot of ancient buildings and temples have survived.

Here the virgin nature combines its power with the power of our ancestors, with the roots of the human race. In Bulgaria there has been being kept the tradition of guardians and priests, who pass on knowledges from generation to generation, holding rituals, maintaining the power of sacred places, connecting the power of the Mother Earth and the Father of Heaven.

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