4-9 January 2018, India, Goa – Workshop «Blossoming» with Maya

January 4, 2018

10:00 am

On the workshop «Birth» through conscious birth we have opened up and healed all aspects of our life. Our second step «Blossoming» will be about opening our potentiality through creativity, through self- realization in a daily life. We will learn to express and to live our nature in all aspects. We’ll discover how to create on the level of the Wild Mother, Lover, Amazon, Loving Mother, Queen, High Priestess and Goddess. We’ll discover how to live these qualities in our world, in our relationships with ourselves, with our body and family lineage, with sexuality and love, with society and big projects. Rooting into our life force through sensuality and purposefulness, tuning into deep knowledge of the soul and the world, connecting everything through the space of love and heart we’ll manifest the Blossoming of our essence.

For registration and all details please contact:
Yulia Trishkina
+7(926) 326-70-76