2-7 April 2016, Bali – Man and Woman. A sacred union. Workshop with Maya and TyeZan

April 2, 2016

9:30 am

The Workshop “Man and Woman – A Sacral Union” – is a shared journey into our primordial nature, to our true essence. For 7 glorious days we will be opening with each other as we journey into the recognition of our true nature.

This workshop is about how to go deeper into being Man and Woman; to recognize the nature of these qualities within ourselves and each other; to understand and feel how we are different. We will explore how to accept our own female and male qualities as well as those of our counterparts. Through acceptance and awareness of our own nature we will be building relationships with each other in love, freedom and creativity.

This is an amazing and beautiful union of Man and Woman, where we open ourselves through practices of acceptance of our body, connecting with Mother Earth and Father Sky, and connecting to the generations of females and males before us. For women – this is an amazing opportunity to accept your masculine nature; for men – this is an opportunity to recognize your sensual and emotional nature, and to accept your body and your connection to Mother Earth.

About TyeZan

1TyeZan began his training in various forms of Martial Arts and Oriental Thought while still in his early teens in the USA.. During his early twenties, he started his journey into mastering different modalities of Bodywork and Energy Work.

He holds space for the Sacred Feminine and leads Tantricks™ & Dance (Ecstatic and other Free Form dance), Awakening Feminine Essence™ and Into The Body workshops and events internationally and is passionate and dedicated to Awakening Feminine Essence. In addition, he offers group workshops, trainings and individual sessions in The Nu-Body Activation System™.

TyeZan uses The Human Design System as the basis of his life process, which he expresses through his work as a guide and role-model in the art of Perfected Form, in resonance with the Form Principle and its expression through the Sacred Feminine.

Workshop will be located in ShangriLa Oceanside Retreat and Spa, Pantai Bondalem, Singaraja, Bondalem, Kec. Buleleng, Buleleng, Bali 81173

Warning; the space of workshop is limited, so please grab your place right how

For registration please contact LEILA leilandlove@gmail.com

More information about Bali and space here