2-8 May 2018, Bali – Crystal of the Soul. Activation of the divine tunings

May 2, 2018

9:00 am

A Journey with Maya – “Crystal of the Soul”. Activation of the divine tunings”

We invite you to a unique journey with Maya on Bali from the 2nd to the 8th of May, 2018. It is the first time when Maya conducts a workshop- journey where we will travel around, creating the space of the workshop with the energy of Bali and its sacred places.

The space of Bali is unique, for centuries people have created and maintained it through serving, through meditation, through the recognition and interaction with all living beings, gods, angels, spirits of nature and the elements. Bali is called “the Island of the Gods” for the incredible number of presented beings of light, for the opportunity to contact with them very quickly. Here the thoughts become material and all our dreams come true.

During the journey we will visit Places of Power, temples and waterfalls, being together in the processes we will set an intention for our future, activating different facets of the Soul Crystal.

We will start our journey with cleansing, the interaction with the sacred water. We will go into the main water temple of Bali for the ceremony of ablution, purifying our body and soul.

Each day of the trip will activate different facets of our Soul Crystal – we’ll work with tunings of the Higher purpose of our incarnation, unity as a divine couple, we will fill ourselves with creativity, beauty and learn to express them in the life. The awakening of the Soul Crystal is the awakening of the Divine Consciousness within us.

Through meditation and rituals we will invite the energy of volcanoes and waterfalls, of trees and stones to help us. We will connect with temples, Places of Power for aligning our own divine structure, will be recalling how to work with temples and their energy, bringing the forgotten qualities back to ourselves.

The journey around Bali will uncover our connection with the Supreme Light, the divine energy. The intentions created on Bali come true with a cosmic speed and change all circumstances in life. Recognizing the essence of the Soul Crystal and authentic desires, we can create our life with love, harmony and beauty.

More information about the workshop and registration:
+7 909 625 98 39 (only viber or what’s app!)