20-24 September, Tallin, Estonia – Life like a great Dance

September 20, 2017

8:30 am

The energy in our body flows continuously, without stopping, through our breath and consciousness. The energy movement is the basis of our being, the basis of life. It is similar to the pattern of a dance and it never repeats itself. If the energy stops for various reasons, we fall into the trap of repeating circumstances and occasions of the same events in our daily life. And as we build and fortify our ego through repetition of the mind patterns and models of behavior, we infinitely begin to live the same life script.

In the space of the workshop, we will recall how to create together in harmony and love with the rhythm of the planet and all Existence. We will explore various forms of dance and meditative practices, will align the body and energy through dance, healing, meditation, conscious experience. We will go through practices of spontaneous dance, dance of the five elements, dance of male and female energies, solar and lunar energy, the earth and the sky, the rhythms and cycles of the body, through the dance of images and archetypes.

We will combine breath, movement and images in the dance, to heal and restore our body and energy, to release the memory of the soul, and to dance the Dance of Love. We will make a new dimension of life inside and outside, and create ourselves and our life together with the Space.

20-24 September, Talin, Estonia
Open for beginners and experienced practitioners
Men and women are welcome

For all information please contact: Merliis merliis@sunara.ee or +372 55 39 165