26 August 2017, Kaliningrad, Russia – Tuning into the Divine partner

August 26, 2017

4:00 pm

We invite you to a beautiful practice “Tuning into the Divine partner.” This practice is for those who already have a partner and want to attune to each other on a Divine level, and for those who intend to meet and to unite with their true man/woman.

In meditation, we will attune and will open the divine aspect of love to a man or woman, the tuning which helps to be in awareness and love in a couple, to reach a new level of cocreation and development or to meet a partner with whom you will together follow the path to God.

We go into depth of understanding of what is true divine unity as a couple. Connecting with the heart and soul we uncover whom we really need in this life for living the precious experience of the way to God, for experience the Trinity – man, woman and the divine. source
Details and registration: Irina irinapletcer@yandex.ru or 89114552777 (Calls and WhatsApp)