29 September- 1 October,Moscow – Damanhur. The Art of Tuning

September 29, 2017

6:30 pm

We invite you to the festival “Damanhur. Art of Tuning”, which will be held in collaboration with Maya Mandala, Oleg Cherne (CHOM), Tanhit, Sheona Ona and Damanhur. Damanhur will be presented by the Priestess and Oracle – Esperide Ananas.

The theme of the festival – Tunings as one of the most important concept of human development. Tuning not only gives a directional idea of the object of cognition, but also promotes a further movement to its essence. The tunig is also a tool that leads to knowledge, the tool which develops the most important functions of attention.

At the festival Maya will give a new transmission and Tunings for the body to align with sacred geometry and sacred sound through which we can enter the Highest level of consciousness. Practice of Tuning will help you to connect with sacred state, with the higher frequency state of awareness.


Maya Mandala
Attunement with sacred geometry and sound: the Higher state of consciousness.

The anatomy of Tuning.
Variants of Tunings and the importance of their understanding in the development.

Esperide Ananas
Sacred dance as the ancient language of the Highest Tuning.

The Art of transformation: creation of the perfect form.

Sheona Ona
The Interaction with the world of plants and minerals.
Work with voice, sound tuning into the field of fragrances.

Note: the program is subject to change!

29 September 18:30–21:00
30 September 10:00–19:00
1 October 12:30–20:30

Details and registration: INBI center
Gulnara Haliullina + 7 (495) 684-44-20, 684-41-17, Moscow, Ploschad Borby, 13А, 1