5-8 August 2017, Italy – Sacred Alchemy

August 5, 2017

9:30 am

This workshop will be held for the first time.
It will take place in a unique space of the earth, within the temples of Damanhur (Italy). Damanhur   is a community in Italy where mystical schools of the past were recreated, where huge temples and libraries were manually built, where the knowledge of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt is kept. Damanhur keeps a lot of knowledge and transmissions and in this space our soul can recall its essential incarnations, in which our highest abilities were manifested.

We will connect with the true purpose of temples on the Earth, return to our realization at the level of the Divine consciousness, restore the memory of the interaction with the Earth consciousness, nature, crystals.

We will do practices and rituals to align divine codes of consciousness, and manifest them in our energy, body, mind. We will work through sound, voice, visualization, movement, will work in the labyrinths and temples.

Through interaction with the place we will get connected with the knowledge that our soul keeps and uncover ancient knowledges stored on the planet, coming back to how to use it harmoniously in wisdom and beauty for the benefit of all beings and the earth.

The workshop will be held in collaboration with Sheona Ona http://www.sheonaona.com/ona.

There will be two levels of the workshop: the transmission of the inner temple and the transmission of the outer temple. The groups will be formed in accordance with the decision of Maya.

For join the workshop you need to write a letter, describing your path, your lines and transmissions, who your teachers are and how long you have been practicing. Participation in the transmission of the inner temple is possible only after the workshop, ” Priestess” with Maya. To get the transmission of the outer temple you must have a large experience of practices and recognition.

For registration and all questions please contact
Julia utrishkina@gmail.com