8-14 April 2018, Bali – Man and Woman. A sacred union. With Maya and TyeZan

April 8, 2018

10:00 am

The Workshop “Man and Woman – A Sacred Union” – is a shared journey into our primordial nature, our essence. For 6 glorious days we will be discovering the inner space of each other and deeply dive together into recognition of our true nature.
This workshop is about how to go deeper into being Man and Woman; to recognize the nature of these qualities within ourselves and in others; to understand and to feel how different we are and that we are one. We will explore how to accept our female and male qualities and through acceptance and awareness we will find the way to build relationships based on love, freedom, and creativity.
This is an amazingly beautiful union of Man and Woman, where we learn about ourselves through body practices, connection with the Mother Earth, the Father Sky, and family leandge. For women – this is an amazing opportunity to accept your masculine nature; for men – this is an opportunity to recognize your sensual and emotional nature, and to accept your body and your connection with a physical mother and the Mother Earth.
You can participate individually or with a partner.
The workshop is taking place on a beautiful tropical island Bali, Indonesia, in retreat center located on the shore of the ocean, with a quiet beach and calm water. The price includes food and cozy cabin accommodation in the retreat center.
For more information and registration please contact LEILA
e-mail: leilandlove@gmail.com
or +7 909 625 98 39 (only viber or what’s up)

This video of the third workshop with Maya and TyeZan was taken on bali in 2016