9-12 June – Riga, Latvia , Sacred Feminine with Mayya

June 9, 2016

10:00 am

This workshop is about opening and healing of fist chakra, connection with Goddess Earth. When we are accepting the Earth as our mother, we can accept feeding, nurturing, which she is giving to us, accept gift of life, which we have. This workshop is helping to open the body, connection with nature, animals, our instincts. We will be exploring birth and death, in order to understand them as part of life process.

We will have practices of:

  • Connection to generation, going through birth and death
  • Accepting and healing the body
  • Restoration of our connection to the Earth
  • Practices of voice, sounding

We will be going deeply to this space through tantric practices, movement, dance, breathing, accepting our strength, instincts, tuning to nature cycles and grounding in the earth.

For registration please contact Yaroslawa +371 292-63-287 or skype svetdelle or svetlana.delle@mail.ru