Maya’s meeting with Karina from Kamalaya

Maya’s meeting with Karina from Kamalaya

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dear Beloved,
I am sharing my joy with you, now I am in Thailand, and holding a space for 1st workshop here “Opening of sexuality” in yoga center Vikasa. I came here to open new places and meet with new possibilities and people here.
I was deeply touched to meet Karina and John Stewart and to feel their quality of soul, so rich experience from different traditions and lines of knowledge, and how they are implementing this in life and integrating in their project – wellness center Kamalaya on the south coast of Samui.
Karina and John had a vision when they first stumbled up this stunning piece of land and found a cave, where a Buddhist monk had been meditating for 200 years.
The place amazed me with connection of inner and outer love.
Karina and John brought there their experience, wisdom, creativity and beauty. I am deeply inspired to create together and do some future projects, workshops or festivals in this place.
I was introduced to Karina by my friend Master Yu and I am very happy, that I’ve had one more beautiful meeting in my life, and have more new friends, with whom I want to create together!
With love,


the place