Tantra – a single moment from each inhale to exhale

Tantra – a single moment from each inhale to exhale

Saturday, March 3, 2018

How can that change my life? Why do I need to explore relationships if I’m doing so well and I have a beloved? What for do I need to join the workshop if I don’t have a partner? If I’m divorced? And if it is more important for me to explore the spirituality then relationships?

We are constantly focused on what surrounds us, it is a common model of behavior in our society. Do you have relationships or not? What is it like? How to imrove yourself or your partner? How to heal the pain after you split up? We are searching the answers around, forgeting to turn to the most important thing- to ourselves!

All situation in our lives begin in our heads and in our bodies.
By learning to listen to ourselves, we can really hear the other person who is near by our side and maybe for the first time we are suddenly able to feel that there is true love and trust for our beloved.

By learning to understand our own body, maybe for the first time we can truly understand what the male and female really mean and how the interaction happens.

On the workshop ” Man and Woman. Sacred Union ” we will dive into the depth of the male and female nature, into the Essence. We will restore the lost capacity to hear, to feel, to trust our body. We will heal the offences and pain, through acceptance and awareness in our actions.

Within 7 days through the dance, breath, movement, concentration and recognition we will start the most precious relationships in our life. The relationships with ourselves.

Registration for the workshop is open!

The workshop “Man and Woman. Sacred Union ” will be held on Bali from the 8th to the 14th of April.
All Details you can find on the website (link).

At registration of 2 participants there is a special price! (you are welcome to perticipate with your friend, parents/ children, or as a couple)

Note: 25% discount is provided at registration of one participant for 2 workshops («Priestess» and «Man and woman. Sacred Union»)

Tickets to Bali can be found on skyscanner.com