Winter schedule in Goa

Winter schedule in Goa

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
mandala art dance mayya

Beloved! About a winter schedule in Goa.

The exact dates for the workshops in November and December are:

“Basics of life” – from 26 to 30 November, 2017,

“Mandala dance level 1” – from 2 to 7 December, 2017

The schedule for January is not final yet! The center where the workshops will be held is still approving the dates.

Therefore, before buying plane tickets for the workshops “Blossoming” and “Mandala Dance level 2”, confirm the dates with the organizer Julia Trishkina! Contacts – +79263267076 (calls and WhatsApp) and

Watch the changes in the schedule on the website and in group on Facebook.