This is the level of the Individual Mandala.

The first level of Mandala dance is the basic stage of the practice which includes:body alignment, coordination of the consciousness, breath and movement, bringing ourselves back to conscious living in the body, healing of the soul and inharmonious experiences of the past. At this level we do not dance yet, we learn the basics.

The Mandala dance level 1 instructors have the right to conduct classes with women, in a group with a limited number of people – up to 10. It is important to remember that this is not the practice of the dance yet, it is the preparation. The instructors still align themselves, their body and mind and help other women in the group to learn the basic movements of the dance.

For getting a certificate of “Mandala dance level 1 instructor” there must be done the basic workshops: “Basics of life”, which is held by Maya, or “Birth”, which at this time is held by Lilith. Those who haven’t done these basic workshops can join the Mandala dance level 1 for a personal practice.

The attendance of the basic workshop gives the right to participate in the workshop “Mandala Dance, level 1”. At the end of the workshop, depending on the developed skills and understanding of the basics of the practice, women are granted the certificate which gives the right to conduct the practice.



This is the level of the Mandala of the Circle

At the second level of the practice we continue to develop the skill of conscious presence in the body, beginning to connect breath and dance movements in statics and with steps and synchronize with other women in the circle.

We develop empathy, listening, feeling each other; we tune and harmonize ourselves with the flow of One Circle. At this level we connect ourselves with all women.

We learn how to listen to the Space of One and to move consciously in the Mandala dance, experiencing the universal dimension, becoming its part. We expand our attention and consciousness. At this level we begin to step into the dance.

For getting a certificate of the 2nd level there must be done the workshop “Blossoming” with Maya or Tanit. The 2nd level of the practice Mandala gives the instructors the right to conduct individual classes and big groups, as well as, intense workshops on Mandala dance practice for beginners.



This is the level of the manifested Mandala of the Universe.

At this level, we enter the Mandala dance as it is, learning to unite all the principles of the practice – conscious presence in the dance movements, breath, synchronous and harmonious connection with other women and the dance of the circle.

We realize, live and channel through ourselves all the states that are formed by the sacred Dance pattern of Universal Mandala, manifesting harmoniously the energy and quality of all the supreme elements, all directions of the world. We channel through ourselves the wisdom and light of all Masters and Teachers. We unite all spaces and all cycles of life.

We learn to dwell consciously in this universal dimension with each other and with the whole Universe, dedicating the fruits of our practice for the benefit of all sentient beings who live in the human dimension.

One of the conditions for getting level 3 certificate is the attendance of the workshop “Maturity” with Maya or Tanit. The instructors of the Mandala dance, level 3 can conduct individual, group sessions, and preparatory workshops.



In this 7-day workshop women will pass through deep practices of Mandala dance, tantric meditation, Tao- and breathing exercises. It works on 3 spheres: body, energy and mind – it is a divine healing process. We explore our body through unity of movements and breathing, energy through emotions and mind through the system of archetypes.



We step into this life through birth, which encompasses death, the transition from one quality to another, from space of spirits, passing through a mother womb we appear in a new form. Each soul dwells in the body in a constant process of transformation through divine mother and father’s source.

The practices at the workshop lead us through:

  • Conscious birth-healing a traumatic birth experience.
  • Practice of conscious death, as a process of conscious completion of each life cycle; living consciously the process of letting go of people, situations, experience.
  • Skills acquisition of living harmoniously all the life cycles – birth and death.
  • Step by step connection with 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, space), recognizing the wisdom and qualities of the elements within us and without
  • The connection with the great Mother Earth, restoring our roots, the power, the wisdom, the life instincts, healing the relationships with a physical mother and all the women of our family leanedge.
  • The connection with the female aspect- with the water. Here we unfold our sexuality, open up our emotions and heal them.
  • The connection with fire and the male aspect through the practices healing the stories with the physical father and the male family leanedge; the connection with the Divine father, the unfolding of our inner fire, clear mind, consciousness, wisdom, structure and vector.
  • The connection with the air element, the breath of life, the dance of male and female principle within us, the recognition of male and female nature and the harmonization of both aspects within us and without.
  • The connection with the space element – we unite all levels through clear state of mind with the divine principle and our potentiality creating a conscious life intention.
  • Tuning into solar and lunar rhythms.

The dance of the masculine and feminine goes on and on, permeating the entire Universe: The Great Mother supports and nourishes, while the Divine Father builds a structure and direction. Relationships with a physical father and mother create patterns of our lives, helping to become conscious about the identity of macro and micro cosmos and the connection between the individual soul and the universal processes.

Every time through death, transformation and new birth we expand and develop and therefore our wellbeing in this life depends on how consciously we go through these stages, including our personal cycles and cycles of nature, for example, the cycles of the year, month, day.

During five days we open up the energy of the five sacred elements from which our physical and energy body, chakras and the dimension of the reality in which we are manifested are made.

A variety of practices and meditations will help us to explore and restore the cycles of the body by tuning into solar and lunar rhythms, to heal energy that is stored in the unconsciousness and to transform all experiences into wisdom and love.

This is a basic workshop in the structure of Mandala, for both men and women, for beginners and advanced practitioner.

NB: Participation in this workshop entitles you to take part and to get a certificate for conducting Mandala dance classes.



When we are consciously born … when we are rooted in our power … when our sexuality is once again free and innocent… when we trust the heart and the space of love is open… when all the prohibitions on the natural expression of ourselves are taken away… Here comes the time to Blossom!

The state of blossoming is an entrance into the fullness and beauty of the moment. The awakening of the flowering of our nature, the awakening of creativity, the state when our Soul sings, when we bloom with all the colors of feelings – this is what the workshop “Blossoming” is about.

We will explore how to transform all the qualities that we have discovered at the workshop “Basics of life” or “Birth” into the creative energy. How to direct our strength and sexuality into creativity, action, and concrete forms in all life spheres.

We will learn:

  • How to listen to the instincts, strength and wisdom of our body and Earth, and how to transform the impulse into actions and forms
  • How to live sensuality and sexuality through creativity, discovering new interactions with the world
  • How the pure light of consciousness guides us in life, how to manifest it through the structure, organization,  new projects
  • How to learn to love through trust, openness, through the depth of the heart, how through this state to build relationships with people
  • How to be guided by inner voice, how to rule with our life, creating small and large projects
  • How to listen to intuition and supernatural capacities, trusting them, tuning our life and our actions in accordance with them.
  • How to be in constant tune with the Higher Self, with the divine nature within us, creating our life in its higher aspect.

Being rooted in the power and wisdom, through sensuality and purposefulness, based on the profound knowledge of the soul and the world, connecting everything through the space of love and through the heart, we realize the Blossoming of our being.



Maturity is a great time!

We are happy to invite those men and women who have passed the workshops “Basics of life” or “Birth” and “Blossoming” to the next stage – Maturity.

After Birth and Blossoming, we have come to the harvesting, reaping the fruit of our soul. This workshop is unique and shows the results of our work with ourselves. In fully awareness we scan our life in accordance with each chakra, tuning them into their fullness and balance, awakening in our maturity.

At the level of the first chakra, we will see how much life force we have accumulated, how firmly we stand on our feet, if we really live our truth. How rooted we are in our clarity, power and wisdom, how strong is our connection with the Mother earth.

We explore the Lover archetype, our sensuality, sexuality, spontaneity, creativity. We will discover how we create the life within us and around through this quality, dancing and playing with ourselves, the world, the Universe.

The Amazon archetype will show us what goals have been set in our lives, what goals we have been able to achieve, what path we have gone to achieve them, how much we have mastered the quality to set and achieve goals. How we are flowering in our wealth, abundance, in all material aspects. This is the quality of clear light, the quality of the sun.

As a Mother we explore how deep we have been able to open up in love, compassion, and acceptance. How we take care of ourselves and the world. How we unite all experiences through love.

The Queen archetype will tell how good we are in managing our life, how we create our Kingdom and how we interact with others, if we are in our dignity, generosity and nobility, how we manifest our leading qualities towards our inner and outer reality in accordance with Higher guidance.

The Priestess will demonstrate how we combine our wisdom and knowledge, past, present and future. How we create life through intention and clear wisdom.

At the level of the Goddess we will recognize how we integrate all what comes into a state of unity, how we transform duality of this dimension. This is a state of a drop, which falls down dissolving into the ocean and the ocean it becomes.




This workshop is for those who conduct body practices, as well as an opportunity to expand and deepen a personal practice. It is also very important for Mandala dance facilitators. The workshop is focused on conscious body alignment, on a work with its structure, channels, centers and the flow of body energy through movement. This will help to coordinate and harmoniously combine the work of the left and right brain hemispheres and left and right sides of the body, to align its coordination and rhythms and also to develop the skill of being in presence at the level of consciousness, energy and physical body.

At the workshop we work with following practices:

  • Wave yoga
  • Work with joints and ligaments
  • Dance warm up

The body practices, which will be transmitted at the workshop, help to develop the following aspects:

  • To balance our state of consciousness
  • Conscious living of rhythms and cycles
  • To connect centers and channels in the body, to unite female and male energies
  • Health, flexibility, body strength
  • Structure in life
  • To set goals and to achieve them
  • Rhythm, discipline, will power
  • Fluidity and relaxation
  • Conscious living

For getting a certificate you need to do the workshop “Basics of life” or “Birth” or to have a rich experience of basic workshops and at least 4 years of spiritual and physical practices.



Only for those people who are focused on conducting workshops, working with people in a group or individually. The practices transmitted at the workshop include a work with the information fields of the soul and the transformation of the subconscious levels. We will learn:

  • To transform negative past experience
  • To clean the pain-body
  • To transform all experience into wisdom
  • To shape the present consciously through wisdom, love and free choice.
  • To come out of old scripts into the loving conscious living, shaping our future
  • To come out of unconscious parts into free choice, returning ourselves into responsibility, clarity and freedom.

Maya will transmit the practices of working with the soul, the information fields, cleansing and reprogramming the negative past experience of the soul.

For participation it is required to do the workshop “Basics of life” or “Birth” and “Blossoming”, as well as to have an experience of spiritual practices for at least 5 years.




In the space of this workshop we will be connecting with the state of love, the qualities of conscious love, exploring the depth of its facets. The Love in its limitlessness and clarity is the most powerful driving force of the Universe.

Do we understand what the love is?

Do we allow ourselves to live it in its fullness and diversity?

When we begin to recognize ourselves, to unfold the essence, we come to the fact that the love is the whole Universe and the Wholeness itself. The Love has no relations and forms, it manifests itself in all forms. The Love has no judgments and attachments. The Love has no achievements, it has nothing to strive for, because the love is originally full. The Love is our destiny. The Love is our nature, the primordial nature. It is so simple to love, so natural. We connect with love as naturally as we connect with the breath. When we are open, when we are in love, we do not make special efforts, we are natural.

In the space of the workshop we will:

  • We will heal our offences , traumas, all the negative stories that our memory stores
  • We will recognize at the level of our body, at the level of energy, how this energy of life vibrates, how the breath and inspiration of love happen, how the Whole is manifested through us.
  • We will develop the skills how to come out of pattern and programs of the past, shaping new conscious choice for love.

Through different practices and meditations, we will learn how to manifest and live each day of our life.  How to attune to the space of love each and every moment, allowing the flow of love to move freely through us and to live it totally.

This workshop is for both men and women, for all levels of practitioners.



This workshop is about opening and healing the first chakra, connection with Goddess Earth. When we accept the Earth as our mother, we can accept feeding, nurturing, which she gives to us, accept gift of life, which we have. This workshop helps to open the body, connect with nature, animals, our instincts. We will be exploring birth and death, in order to understand them as part of life process.

We will have practices of:

  • Connection to family lineage, going through birth and death
  • Accepting and healing the body
  • Restoration of our connection to the Earth
  • Practices of voice, sounding

We will be going deeply to this space through tantric practices, movement, dance, breathing, accepting our strength, instincts, tuning into nature cycles and grounding.



This workshop is about connecting to our sexuality, in its natural expression in our body, about expression of our sensuality and sensitivity. We will connect to spontaneous energy, playfulness, enjoyment, explore where our needs, desires are coming from.

On the workshop we will recognize harmony as divine quality and how it is expressed through different forms and aspects of life. We will connect with magic of imagination, sensuality, beauty, with our source of style and taste.

Through practices of moving, dance, breathing practices, massage, sounding we will open an archetype of the Goddess Venus, which every woman has, her aspects of sexuality, youth and creativity.



It is a Tantric group, where we will open and investigate the sexuality, remembering our initial innocence. We will enter into the pleasure of life, accepting our body, dancing and celebrating. Showing our sexuality through creativity with each other and with the world, we will create a new quality of life.



This workshop is a journey to ourselves, our sexuality, subtlety, sensuality.

In this journey we will go in a deeper meeting with our body:

  • Exploring its nature, its sensuality, how the energy moves inside our body, how sexuality and receptivity are born.
  • Recognizing what are the restrictions and blocks which limit the vitality in our body
  • Helping to heal the body and soul past stories, traumatic sexual experience
  • Opening new opportunities of playfulness and pleasure in the body, living it easily and naturally
  • Opening and accepting our sensuality, sensitivity, not only for ourselves but also in relationships with a partner, in relationships with people, how to show it in its purity and innocence
  • Working in pairs we will learn to share through acceptance, without judgment and fears about subtle feelings, the nature and desires of the body
  • Learning how to allow ourselves to see our beauty and open this beauty to the world
  • We will see how sexuality turns into creative forms in our life
  • We will understand how to live and realize the potential of creativity

We will go through different tantric practices, working with the subconscious levels and purifying it. We will use breathing practices, tantric massage, dance and sharing circles (questions and answers). We will work at the level of unity, connecting ourselves with the divine consciousness, the divine rhythm of the universe.

This workshop is for couples and for those who will come alone.



At this workshop we will discover all the wrong mind attitudes and beliefs related to abundance and social realization.

  • What hinders your abundance?
  • What blocks your generosity?
  • What are the reasons that stop your cash flow?
  • What doesn’t let you hear your life purpose and implement it in life?


  • We will explore the space of the body where our energy of abundance is located and the reasons why it is stopped. We will find the blocks our body holds and make a review of our beliefs of the mind.
  • We will set a new intention consciously, connecting with the initial energy, returning ourselves into the state of abundance of our soul and free, active, creative life
  • In the space of the workshop we will create new tunings in our consciousness and energy, which with the constant support and attention from your side will help to transform life situations in the best way.

This is not a magic pill that will make you rich. This is the exact tools that will help you to see what blocks your abundance, the causes that hinder you and also will help to learn how to tune your mind, your consciousness and actions into the flow of abundance.

This workshop is for both men and women



Who am I?

Why am I here? 

What is my mission?

These are the most important questions in a human life which arise in our consciousness and our Soul.

We recognize who we are when we hear our Soul and heart and through this understanding comes the clarity about our Path.  Unfortunately, for many of us the voice of the soul can be hardly heard.

At this workshop:

  • We will clear internal and external obstacles
  • We will connect with our soul
  • We will recall who we are, which qualities and capacities our soul and consciousness  have
  • We will recognize our path and our life purpose
  • We will get rooted in the clear movement of the soul and in understanding how to manifest our soul purpose in daily life.

This short 2 days’ workshop is very intense.  There will be passed on the tunings and meditations you can apply to your daily life, which will help you on your soul path.

This workshop is for both women and men.



In this workshop we will explore the programs, beliefs, patterns, behavior models, which we took from our parents, generation, society, country and religion, which stop us from living our true nature.

Through breathing practices, movement and meditation, we will recognize our attachments to ancestral, social, national, religious beliefs and will transform them.

We will activate recognition of our true nature on all levels and will connect to our true nature, our desires, needs and feelings. We will accept them and allow ourselves to be in our natural state, exploring what is our true nature and how to live our strength, sexuality, freedom, enjoyment, creativity and love.

This workshop for men and women.



Every day we will learn new types and elements of dance. This is African style, Brazilian, Arabian, contact improvisation and spontaneous dance. This workshop helps us to open our capability to dance. How to open our body for celebration and pleasure, living our nature through dance. Also we will be aligning our body, connecting to inner center and balance of all elements.

This workshop is about opening dance as a life expression in different forms and rhythms. Through dance we will be living through different qualities and feelings, connecting with the source of life and one rhythm of Universe.

On this workshop Maya will give special stretching exercises.




We will be opening an archetype of the Priestess, connecting to our deep knowledge, dream work, clairvoyance, clairaudience. We will go in the space, where past, present and future meet in presence and clarity. We will be exploring how we create an intention.

Recognizing programs and beliefs from our generation, nationality, religion, we will be acquiring new level of freedom, faith in our own strength and realizaiton of our mission.

It is a seminar for women who already have an experience of the practices and meditations.



Dakini Dance is a sacred temple dance, the dance of Space. This practice works with the highest of energies and aligns energy in the space. Dakini Dance takes the dancer from the human state to the cosmic level, beyond the limits of duality. It helps open our true nature and crystallizes it into the clear light of our being.

Dakini Dance brings a balanced energy of all the elements and harmonizes our state of mind, returning it to a clear presence. This practice is for inner transmission, for those who have completed the workshops “Birth”, “Blossoming”, Mandala dance of 1st and 2nd levels.

Dakini Dance is taught for personal practice only.



The Workshop “Man and Woman – A Sacral Union” – is a shared journey into our primordial nature, to our true essence. For 7 glorious days we will be opening with each other as we journey into the recognition of our true nature.

This workshop is about how to go deeper into being Man and Woman; to recognize the nature of these qualities within ourselves and each other; to understand and feel how we are different. We will explore how to accept our own female and male qualities as well as those of our counterparts. Through acceptance and awareness of our own nature we will be building relationships with each other in love, freedom and creativity.

This is an amazing and beautiful union of Man and Woman, where we open ourselves through practices of acceptance of our body, connecting with Mother Earth and Father Sky, and connecting to the generations of females and males before us. For women – this is an amazing opportunity to accept your masculine nature; for men – this is an opportunity to recognize your sensual and emotional nature, and to accept your body and your connection to Mother Earth.



On this workshop we will be opening consciousness through sacred practices: Mer-Ka-Ba, Mandala, breathing, visual and voice meditations. We will be opening the body of light, aligning the center according to sacred geometry, and body – according to five elements. We will be healing the space of destiny and working with intention.

This is advanced group for men and women, who have experience in meditation minimum for 2 years.



We will go into healing space, awareness, fullness of love, freedom and happiness, exploration through meditation, breathing practices, dance and music. We will open our potentiality and capabilities, tune with the great music of Universe, recognize our own dance and dissolve in the dance of life. We will connect with fullness, abundance and joy of life.