Beginners courses:


The purpose of these workshops is for the participants to convene in a women’s circle, to recreate the “life cycle”. It is an opportunity to share our feelings and to connect with our female essence. It is an intimate recognition of our bodies and the energy within, a reunion with the wisdom of nature and true femininity through the exploration of archetypes. A harmony of body and soul, a knowledge about ourselves and each other and a deep acceptance and sharing will result through dance and meditation. Through this process you will come back to yourself, become conscious of your divine nature and realize that life is a celebration.

Mandala dance

Mandala dance is a practice of multilevel energy alignment. It is a moving meditation, which connects inner and outer body. Connecting of left and right part of the body through dance harmonizes our energy and help to find a balance into the body. Breathing with deep conscious tantric breath, feeling within, using intimate muscles you are guided to move back to the Earth, to be grounded and connected, to feel her power, her wisdom, love and support. This type of breathing activates our immune system, stimulates blood circulation and helps rejuvenation. Mandala dance through movement bring awareness to the fears blocking us emotionally, spiritually mentally and physically. It is a healing process to the soul and body helping to realize all painful memories, heal the core of them. We create the dance in accordance with Sacred Geometrical principles. Through the figure-of-eight (Eternity Symbol), through spirals, through waves and undulations, and through circles we consciously direct the energy in the body. While dancing these sacred patterns we visualize the colors of the rainbow. We harmonize and align the chakras (energy centers) and balance right and left (male and female) energies. The basic form is the figure-of-eight, through which every center meets and connects. Through this process we connect with the energy of the earth and the sky. We manifest all that is needed for healing and balance in life. There are three basic levels that exist in Mandala:

The 1st level is our bodies’ Mandala. If you look from above at our centers’ structure you can see the complex Mandala figure composed of outlines of chakras. On this level we deeply connect with our body and breath. It is a process of coordination, finding a balance within, harmonizing energy. We don’t dance yet, we make basic movements, recall ourselves through movement, breathing, bringing attention to every part of the body.

The 2nd level is a Mandala of synchronized Women’s Circle. If you look from above, you can see its constantly-changing figure through the dance. We synchronize with our movements and breath in one wave, integrating all energies in One, creating the beauty of the dance. In circle of femininity we exchange our capacities and wisdom.

The 3rd level is a Mandala of the Universe. We connect with the energy fields of the Earth and Sky and four directions. We dance in a few circles and each circle creates unique pattern of the dance. We move together in multi-level dance. This practice is a same type of dance like sacral Sufi dance, Gurdjieff’s dance, some forms of Indian and Thai dance.


This workshop is about opening and healing the first chakra, connection with Goddess Earth. When we accept the Earth as our mother, we can accept feeding, nurturing, which she gives to us, accept gift of life, which we have. This workshop helps to open the body, connect with nature, animals, our instincts. We will be exploring birth and death, in order to understand them as part of life process.

We will have practices of:

  • Connection to family lineage, going through birth and death
  • Accepting and healing the body
  • Restoration of our connection to the Earth
  • Practices of voice, sounding

We will be going deeply to this space through tantric practices, movement, dance, breathing, accepting our strength, instincts, tuning into nature cycles and grounding.


This workshop is about connecting to our sexuality, in its natural expression in our body, about expression of our sensuality and sensitivity. We will connect to spontaneous energy, playfulness, enjoyment, explore where our needs, desires are coming from.

On the workshop we will recognize harmony as divine quality and how it is expressed through different forms and aspects of life. We will connect with magic of imagination, sensuality, beauty, with our source of style and taste.

Through practices of moving, dance, breathing practices, massage, sounding we will open an archetype of the Goddess Venus, which every woman has, her aspects of sexuality, youth and creativity.

Basic set of courses:


In this 7-day workshop women will pass through deep practices of Mandala dance, tantric meditation, Tao- and breathing exercises. It works on 3 spheres: body, energy and mind – it is a divine healing process. We explore our body through unity of movements and breathing, energy through emotions and mind through the system of archetypes.


On the first level Mandala-Birth we have opened all aspects of our life through birth in awareness, helping them to be healed. On the second level, Blossoming, we open our potentiality through creativity, through realization in daily life, we learn how to live our nature in all aspects. We will know how to create at the level of Wild mother, Lover, Amazon woman, Loving mother, Queen, Priestess and Goddess. We will explore how to bring it into the outer world, in our relationships with ourselves, with our body and family lineage. We will explore our sexuality and love,  how we deal with society and how to manifest large-scale projects. Through rooting and grounding, through our sensuality and clarifying life purpose we will experience Blossoming of our being. From the space of our heart we connect with the profound knowledge of the soul and world around.



On the second level we have initiated the process of our realization and have opened our creative potential. On the third level – workshop Maturity,  we acquire qualities, which allow us to materialize our potentiality into concrete form. Knowing our aspects and potential, we learn how to do offering with our creativity to the world. We share the fruit of our knowledge, wisdom and love with the whole world.

Maturity is a great time. After Birth and Blossoming, we have come to the harvesting, reaping the fruit of our soul. This workshop is unique and shows the results of our work with ourselves. In fully awareness we scan our life in accordance with each chakra. And we tune them into their fullness and balance. We bring maturity to ourselves.


Space of light, workshop with Maya and Moon

On this workshop we will be opening consciousness through sacred practices: Mer-Ka-Ba, Mandala, breathing, visual and voice meditations. We will be opening the body of light, aligning the center according to sacred geometry, and body – according to five elements. We will be healing the space of destiny and working with intention.

This is advanced group for men and women, who have experience in meditation minimum for 2 years.

Opening of sexual nature

It is a Tantric group, where we will open and investigate the sexuality, remembering our initial innocence. We will enter into the pleasure of life, accepting our body, dancing and celebrating. Showing our sexuality through creativity with each other and with the world, we will create a new quality of life.


We will be opening an archetype of the Priestess, connecting to our deep knowledge, dream work, clairvoyance, clairaudience. We will go in the space, where past, present and future meet in presence and clarity. We will be exploring how we create an intention. Recognizing programs and beliefs from our generation, nationality, religion, we will be acquiring new level of freedom, faith in our own strength and realizaiton of our mission.

It is a seminar for women who already have an experience of the practices and meditations.

Man and Woman. A sacred union. Workshop with Maya and TyeZan

The Workshop “Man and Woman – A Sacral Union” – is a shared journey into our primordial nature, to our true essence. For 7 glorious days we will be opening with each other as we journey into the recognition of our true nature.

This workshop is about how to go deeper into being Man and Woman; to recognize the nature of these qualities within ourselves and each other; to understand and feel how we are different. We will explore how to accept our own female and male qualities as well as those of our counterparts. Through acceptance and awareness of our own nature we will be building relationships with each other in love, freedom and creativity.

This is an amazing and beautiful union of Man and Woman, where we open ourselves through practices of acceptance of our body, connecting with Mother Earth and Father Sky, and connecting to the generations of females and males before us. For women – this is an amazing opportunity to accept your masculine nature; for men – this is an opportunity to recognize your sensual and emotional nature, and to accept your body and your connection to Mother Earth.

“Diving into the silence of soul” with Maya and Master Yu

We will go into healing space, awareness, fullness of love, freedom and happiness, exploration through meditation, breathing practices, dance and music. We will open our potentiality and capabilities, tune with the great music of Universe, recognize our own dance and dissolve in the dance of life. We will connect with fullness, abundance and joy of life.

Return to yourself. Workshop to work with mind programs

In this workshop we will explore the programs, beliefs, patterns, behavior models, which we took from our parents, generation, society, country and religion, which stop us from living our true nature.

Through breathing practices, movement and meditation, we will recognize our attachments to ancestral, social, national, religious beliefs and will transform them.

We will activate recognition of our true nature on all levels and will connect to our true nature, our desires, needs and feelings. We will accept them and allow ourselves to be in our natural state, exploring what is our true nature and how to live our strength, sexuality, freedom, enjoyment, creativity and love.

This workshop for men and women.

All kinds of dance

Every day we will learn new types and elements of dance. This is African style, Brazilian, Arabian, contact improvisation and spontaneous dance. This workshop helps us to open our capability to dance. How to open our body for celebration and pleasure, living our nature through dance. Also we will be aligning our body, connecting to inner center and balance of all elements.

This workshop is about opening dance as a life expression in different forms and rhythms. Through dance we will be living through different qualities and feelings, connecting with the source of life and one rhythm of Universe.

On this workshop Maya will give special stretching exercises. 

Dakini dance

“Dakini Dance is a sacred temple dance, the dance of Space. This practice works with the highest of energies and aligns energy in the space. Dakini Dance takes the dancer from the human state to the cosmic level, beyond the limits of duality. It helps open our true nature and crystallizes it into the clear light of our being. Dakini Dance brings a balanced energy of all the elements and harmonizes our state of mind, returning it to a clear presence. This practice is for inner transmission, for those who have completed the workshops “Birth”, “Blossoming”, Mandala dance of 1st and 2nd levels. Dakini Dance is taught for personal practice only.”