Instructor courses


Beginners courses:


The purpose of these workshops is for the participants to convene in a women’s circle, to recreate the “life cycle”. It is an opportunity to share our feelings and to connect with our female essence. It is an intimate recognition of our bodies and the energy within, a reunion with the wisdom of nature and true femininity through the exploration of archetypes. A harmony of body and soul, a knowledge of ourselves and each other and a deep acceptance and sharing will result through dance and meditation. Through this process you will come back to yourself, become conscious of your divine nature and realize that life is a celebration.

Mandala dance

Mandala dance is a deep practice of working with energy, body and consciousness, which combines in its structure dance movements, breath and attention skills. The practice returns us into conscious presence in the body, gives the connection with the sacred organs and rooting into the earth; it restores harmonious manifestation of the female and male nature, the natural rhythms and cycles inherent into our primordial state. It brings back to a practitioner their natural state and sound. It also connects with the wisdom, instincts and knowledge of the nature, with our truth and our soul. There are three basic levels that exist in Mandala:

Mandala dance, level 1  

This is the level of the Individual Mandala.

The first level of Mandala dance is the basic stage of the practice which includes: body alignment, coordination of the consciousness, breath and movement, bringing ourselves back to conscious living in the body, healing of the soul and inharmonious experiences of the past. At this level we do not dance yet, we learn the basics.

The Mandala dance level 1 instructors have the right to conduct classes with women, in a group with a limited number of people – up to 10. It is important to remember that this is not the practice of the dance yet, it is the preparation. The instructors still align themselves, their body and mind and help other women in the group to learn the basic movements of the dance.

For getting a certificate of “Mandala dance level 1 instructor” there must be done the basic workshops: “Basics of life”, which is held by Maya, or “Birth”, which at this time is held by Lilith. Those who haven’t done these basic workshops can join the Mandala dance level 1 for a personal practice.

The attendance of the basic workshop gives the right to participate in the workshop “Mandala Dance, level 1”. At the end of the workshop, depending on the developed skills and understanding of the basics of the practice, women are granted the certificate which gives the right to conduct the practice.

Mandala dance, level 2

This is the level of the Mandala of the Circle

At the second level of the practice we continue to develop the skill of conscious presence in the body, beginning to connect breath and dance movements in statics and with steps and synchronize with other women in the circle.

We develop empathy, listening, feeling each other; we tune and harmonize ourselves with the flow of One Circle. At this level we connect ourselves with all women.

We learn how to listen to the Space of One and to move consciously in the Mandala dance, experiencing the universal dimension, becoming its part. We expand our attention and consciousness. At this level we begin to step into the dance.

For getting a certificate of the 2nd level there must be done the workshop “Blossoming” with Maya or Tanit. The 2nd level of the practice Mandala gives the instructors the right to conduct individual classes and big groups, as well as, intense workshops on Mandala dance practice for beginners.

Mandala dance, level 3

This is the level of the manifested Mandala of the Universe.

At this level, we enter the Mandala dance as it is, learning to unite all the principles of the practice – conscious presence in the dance movements, breath, synchronous and harmonious connection with other women and the dance of the circle.

We realize, live and channel through ourselves all the states that are formed by the sacred Dance pattern of Universal Mandala, manifesting harmoniously the energy and quality of all the supreme elements, all directions of the world. We channel through ourselves the wisdom and light of all Masters and Teachers. We unite all spaces and all cycles of life.

We learn to dwell consciously in this universal dimension with each other and with the whole Universe, dedicating the fruits of our practice for the benefit of all sentient beings who live in the human dimension.

One of the conditions for getting level 3 certificate is the attendance of the workshop “Maturity” with Maya or Tanit. The instructors of the Mandala dance, level 3 can conduct individual, group sessions, and preparatory workshops.


Basic set of courses:


In this 7-day seminar women will pass through deep practices of Mandala dance, tantric meditation, Tao- and breathing exercises. It works on 3 spheres: body, energy and mind – it is a divine healing process. We explore our body through unity of movements and breathing, energy through emotions and mind through the system of archetypes.


We step into this life through birth, which encompasses death, the transition from one quality to another, from space of spirits, passing through a mother womb we appear in a new form. Each soul dwells in the body in a constant process of transformation through divine mother and father’s source.

The practices at the workshop lead us through:

  • Conscious birth- healing a traumatic birth experience.
  • Practice of conscious death, as a process of conscious completion of each life cycle; living consciously the process of letting go of people, situations, experience.
  • Skills acquisition of living harmoniously all the life cycles – birth and death.
  • Step by step connection with 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, space), recognizing the wisdom and qualities of the elements within us and without
  • The connection with the great Mother Earth, restoring our roots, the power, the wisdom, the life instincts, healing the relationships with a physical mother and all the women of our family leanedge.
  • The connection with the female aspect- with the water. Here we unfold our sexuality, open up our emotions and heal them.
  • The connection with fire and the male aspect through the practices healing the stories with the physical father and the male family leanedge; the connection with the Divine father, the unfolding of our inner fire, clear mind, consciousness, wisdom, structure and vector.
  • The connection with the air element, the breath of life, the dance of male and female principle within us, the recognition of male and female nature and the harmonization of both aspects within us and without.
  • The connection with the space element – we unite all levels through clear state of mind with the divine principle and our potentiality creating a conscious life intention.
  • Tuning into solar and lunar rhythms

The dance of the masculine and feminine goes on and on, permeating the entire Universe: The Great Mother supports and nourishes, while the Divine Father builds a structure and direction. Relationships with a physical father and mother create patterns of our lives, helping to become conscious about the identity of macro and micro cosmos and the connection between the individual soul and the universal processes.

Every time through death, transformation and new birth we expand and develop and therefore our wellbeing in this life depends on how consciously we go through these stages, including our personal cycles and cycles of nature, for example, the cycles of the year, month, day.

During five days we open up the energy of the five sacred elements from which our physical and energy body, chakras and the dimension of the reality in which we are manifested are made.

A variety of practices and meditations will help us to explore and restore the cycles of the body by tuning into solar and lunar rhythms, to heal energy that is stored in the unconsciousness and to transform all experiences into wisdom and love.

This is a basic workshop in the structure of Mandala, for both men and women, for beginners and advanced practitioner.

NB: Participation in this workshop entitles you to take part and to get a certificate for conducting Mandala dance classes.


When we are consciously born … when we are rooted in our power … when our sexuality is once again free and innocent… when we trust the heart and the space of love is open… when all the prohibitions on the natural expression of ourselves are taken away… Here comes the time to Blossom!

The state of blossoming is an entrance into the fullness and beauty of the moment. The awakening of the flowering of our nature, the awakening of creativity, the state when our Soul sings, when we bloom with all the colors of feelings – this is what the workshop “Blossoming” is about.

We will explore how to transform all the qualities that we have discovered at the workshop “Basics of life” or “Birth” into the creative energy. How to direct our strength and sexuality into creativity, action, and concrete forms in all life spheres.

We will learn:

  • How to listen to the instincts, strength and wisdom of our body and Earth, and how to transform the impulse into actions and forms
  • How to live sensuality and sexuality through creativity, discovering new interactions with the world
  • How the pure light of consciousness guides us in life, how to manifest it through the structure, organization,  new projects
  • How to learn to love through trust, openness, through the depth of the heart, how through this state to build relationships with people
  • How to be guided by inner voice, how to rule with our life, creating small and large projects
  • How to listen to intuition and supernatural capacities, trusting them, tuning our life and our actions in accordance with them.
  • How to be in constant tune with the Higher Self, with the divine nature within us, creating our life in its higher aspect.

Being rooted in the power and wisdom, through sensuality and purposefulness, based on the profound knowledge of the soul and the world, connecting everything through the space of love and through the heart, we realize the Blossoming of our being.


In this 7-day seminar women will learn how to share fruits of their creativity. Share from their abundance, dancing in sync with the Universe. Women will learn how to celebrate life in love and joy.

Unity to share our feelings and to connect with our female essence. It is an intimate recognition of our bodies and the energy within, a reunion with the wisdom of nature and true femininity through the exploration of archetypes. A harmony of body and soul, a knowledge of ourselves and each other and a deep acceptance and sharing will result through dance and meditation. Through this process you will come back to yourself, become conscious of your divine nature and realize that life is a celebration.