Since when I was a little girl I was able to sense energies, see vatic dreams, and knew I was connected to the enlightened realms and beings, and I had no idea that other people were experiencing this world differently.

For almost 10 years I’ve been leading my private practice as a psychologist. I love my job and keep my professional development a priority, by regularly attending workshops and courses.
Psychology, however, doesn’t have all the answers. Moreover, many of my colleagues prefer to avoid questions related to things like the Soul, the Creator, the realm of the enlightened, energies, clairvoyance, reincarnation, etc. But these ‘things’ have always been of main interest and importance in my life, and I was truly suffering when I had to pretend that I didn’t believe in anything invisible in order to be recognized as a professional. This was an act of deep self-betrayal and it came at a high price.

I came across Mandala Dance during a difficult period of my life. The very first moves of the dance brought back the memories of this ancient practice. This practice showed me many of the unknown and long dormant parts of my being. I discovered a passionate artist within and began to create paintings. I gained a new outlook at my ideas of femininity, wisdom, life purpose, value, wholeness. I found answers to a few very deep, complex and extremely important for me questions that were related to the meaning of my life. It was very deep and incredibly beautiful.

For the first couple of years I was practicing only for myself, for my own pleasure and growth. Then I certified as a Mandala Dance facilitator. Maya is my Root Teacher, she inspires me, and her teachings, her wisdom and knowledge that she shares resonate deeply within me.

In 2017 I began to offer regular Mandala Dance sessions in Minsk, sharing this practice with other women. My professional background in psychology often helped me to offer guidance to participants of my dance workshops, when they were coming up with questions on their personal development, relationships, healthy boundaries, etc.

During my workshops I also focus on the technique of the dance, making sure that the body is correctly aligned. My previous dance and bodywork experience and qualifications come in handy here as well.

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