Maria is a 3d-level certified Mandala Dance facilitator, as well as a certified facilitator of Kali-meditation, Awakening the Source & Dakinini practices.
I have been practicing and studying Mandala Dance since january 2013. I’ve been facilitating regular group sessions for over five years now. Every year I attend Maya’s workshops to realign and deepen the transmissions of the practice.

I am curious, open minded, happy, I love travelling and discovering new places.
As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved to dance. My first encounter with the world of feminine practices happened in 2005. I attended different workshops for women, discovered taoist and slavic practices, theta-healing and tantra (TyeZan’s workshops).

In January 2013 I began my conscious journey on the path of Mandala Dance. In the incredibly beautiful space of Arambol (Goa, India) I met Maya, my teacher and a wonderful woman, who brought this practice back into the world and who keeps sharing its power with all women. It was there when I felt unity and one-ness with other women, with the World, the support of like-minded sisters, us, together on the quest for most important answers.

The practice of Mandala helped me to re-discover myself as a Beautiful Woman that I am, to feel and accept myself, to discover and open up to the new dimensions of my being, to hear and trust my intuition.

The practice of Mandala reconnects women to themselves, to their power and their feminine essence. The practice works at physical, emotional and energy levels, regardless of your prior experience. The practice is a space where each woman discovers, learns and heals exactly what needs to be learned and healed in that moment of her life.
For me personally the practice is a way to ground myself, come back to the state of balance and harmony with myself and the world.
I’m continuing my journey in the practice, going deeper into the Mandala, always discovering more and more of its dimensions and I’m always happy to share my experience with others.
In my regular Mandala practice groups I watch women transform and grow through the practice.

With deep gratitude to the Master and the Universe for this opportunity,

Looking forward to seeing you in the circle.

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