My encounter with Mandala Dance practice and its founder Maya happened in 2008. I immediately felt its incredible depth and knew I was about to dive into it! Every year this amazing dance reveals to me its new dimensions! For me this dance is a portal into the beyond, into the transcendent states that I’ve been exploring my entire life!

I attended many of Maya’s retreats and workshops that helped me understand even more, helped me gain clarity and presence.
Today this sacred practice is my main tool that teaches me discipline, awareness and clarity in blissfulness and love.

For over 19 years I’ve been practicing Hatha-Yoga, Yoga-Nidra, I received my YTTC certificate in 2006 and have been teaching ever since. I also have a university degree in clinical psychology, and I have my private practice, offering personal consultations, trainings and workshops. I also offer sessions of body-oriented psychotherapy. I’m trained in transpersonal psychology and holotropic breathwork.

I did my thesis in psycholinguistics on the subject of Sacred discourse of traditional healers.
I trained with Osho sannyasins (Tibethan pulsing yoga, Shamanica, Sufi and tantra meditations and practices, etc.) and became a sannyasin myself. For many years I’ve practiced Osho-meditations, and facilitated different Osho practices for groups.
I learned vocal yoga at Peruquois’ workshops, tantra yoga with L. Teternikova. I also have experience in Gurjieff’s practices and in shamanic practices of different traditions.
I received a transmission in Dzogchen lineage from Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and I keep discovering the world of his teachings.
I am also exploring my path through travelling the world and visiting sacred places and places of power.

These days I offer Mandala Dance sessions, facilitate women’s circles, teach hatha yoga, offer psychological counselling, trainings and workshops.
I am the founder of the studio where I host all the sessions.

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