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One day at a workshop on femininity I learned about the Mandala Dance practice. This encounter awakened music in the depths of my soul. And I wanted to keep hearing this music all the time.
Dreams need to come true.
Even the most incredible of them.

Back in 2012 there were no Mandala Dance Facilitators in my home country of Belarus and I had to travel to Moscow to get certified.
After 2012, when I attended all the foundational workshops of the Mandala tradition (“Birth”, “Blossom” and “Maturity”) my creative skills and talents began to unfold. As I received Mandala Dance transmissions of all the 3 levels from Maya, the creator of the practice, my sensitivity and vision became much sharper. Vision of the reality of all situations, high attunement to my own feelings and sensations, my true needs and desires, as well as those of every person around me.

In 2017 I met another key person in my life, a German scientist Ursula Irrgang and her Light Mandala healing method, that is successfully used in hospitals in Germany and Austria.

As of 2012 I offer regular Mandala Dance workshops, sessions and marathons.
When I host my women’s circles I always tune into the flow of the Light Beings, into the flow of Maya Mandala, into the energy and enquiries of the group. Each time the practice is born from the space of inner response in the moment. It can be a long sharing or it can be only a dance practice.
I happily accept invitations to come to other cities and countries with my workshops and sessions.
Many women from my circle began to create their own things, changed their careers and began to do what they love, many became Mandala Dance facilitators.

From my observations practicing Mandala Dance improves overall health and is especially beneficial for hormonal balance. I’ve seen families come back together, relationships improve, moving into a space of trust and deeper intimacy.

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