As far as I can remember myself, I’ve always been passionate about two things in my life. The first one was dancing. When I was home alone I could dance for hours. Sometimes I would get kids of the neighbourhood together and choreograph dancing parades, where every kid would perform his own part.
My second favorite thing was to spend time looking at a spot. This was my way of experiencing the divine in silence and stillness. As I was staring at the spot I saw different spaces, bright colors, unknown to me from my normal life, entire multidimensional light shows would appear in those moments of apparent stillness. Sometimes I had heavier, darker visions, which felt a bit like the ending of a civilization… Every night I was asking myself “Why am I here?” as if my home was in a different dimension.

In the city of Perm I graduated from the Institute of Arts and Culture. My major was in Oriental dance. After graduation I traveled a lot to learn from famous dance masters. But for me dance has always been something more and beyond the beautiful lines and shapes, or emotional expression. I always knew that I had to remain a pure conduit of the divine energy of the art.

Through Tanhit I met my dearest Teacher, Maya, in 2011. The practice of Mandala Dance made me feel that I’m finally home. Thanks to the comprehensive knowledge on the nature of the feminine, the sacred Mandala within me came back to its beautiful and powerful form, integrating all the previously received knowledge and transmissions. Through this jewel of sacred practices I learn to live and create my life with consciousness and awareness, as a multidimensional being, when my animal, human and divine natures serve one higher purpose, with no energy wasted on conflict and division, but in unity and acceptance of things as they are.

I gained real knowledge and techniques that help to take the mind out of self-destructive habits of suffering, manipulation and division, and consciously choose what is it that I want to be experiencing now and from what space I want to experience that. The special gift of this practice is the ability to heal not only oneself, but also situations on the Earth for the highest good of all living beings.
I also learned some energy healing techniques (Cosmoenergetics, Reiki), Merkabah activation, Agni-yoga, Vocal yoga (with Peruquois, Oleg Rossiysky), Tantra, dynamic meditations (by Osho, Tanhit, Reich), im-building, pelvic floor exercises, astropsychology, aromatherapy, etc. I passed two modules (“Insight” and “Inter-person”) of the integrative psychology course by the International Academy for Psychology Studies. I also studied sacred geometry and light mandala structures.

I’ve been facilitating regular classes, workshops and introduction sessions of Mandala Dance since 2011.

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