After my very first Mandala Dance session I found myself in an unusual state of inner calm, silence and simplicity. In that moment, I had no idea that it was an energy practice, but each time after an evening session I couldn’t fall asleep because of all the intensity of light within. I’d colose my eyes and it’s bright like on a sunny day, I’d open the eyes and see a dark night room.

From 2013 my Mandala Dance practice became a regular one, I attended all available workshops, retreats and marathons. My life began to change. At the same time I learned “Mnushi” – a technique of deep relaxation through touch, and now I offer these sessions as well. For me this is a practice of pure service, focus and presence, experiencing the world through the body.

Recently I discovered Dzogchen teachings and practices. For the moment, Mandala Dance, Dzogchen and “Mnushi” are the main tools that help me grow in presence and awareness, they inspire me, give me strength and clarity.
In 2015 I certified as a Mandala Dance facilitator and began to offer regular group sessions. It was a great boost to my personal growth!
I try to focus on regular sessions. On developing an interest and passion for personal practice in my students, for bringing the practice into everyday life and situations, without dividing the two. During the regular sessions that I offer, I focus on a good warm-up of the body, conscious focus and correct moves. I also offer additional sessions in wave yoga, another technique by Maya.
Each session is a unique creative process.

Mandala Dance for me is a magic instrument capable of transforming every aspect of my life.
And I’m only at the beginning of my journey, ready to discover all the dimensions of this beautiful practice.

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