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I can say I started practicing when I was a little girl. First it was yoga and breathwork with my dad, my mom taught me to feel and express my feelings through movement and dance. I stayed loyal to this chosen path of self-development. Later there was a period when I was focused on finding out who I was, what my true nature was about. In that period I tried psychology, body-oriented techniques, dance and movement therapy, contact improvisation, somatic therapy of the Feldenkrais Method, bioenergetic analysis of Alexander Lowen, the Alexander technique for muscle relaxation, family constellations by Bert Hellinger. There was also yoga, Osho dynamic meditations, sacred movements by Gurdjieff, Sacred 11:11 dance, Sufi whirling, Vipassana, satsangs with different masters and teachers. I also did social dancing, salsa, hustle, bachata, belly dance and tribal fusion.
The beginning of a new period in my life was my encounter with the sacred dance of Mandala. In the rhythms and movements of this dance I felt something deeply familiar and alive, and as I moved deeper into the practice, I found that what I’d been looking for. It felt like coming home after many long and exhausting journeys.

A period of very different practices began. This time I had to focus on uncluttering, deep cleansing and letting go of all the previously accumulated junk, I was learning to recognize my true nature and put my roots, grow tight into this newly found old skin of mine. During this period I was introduced to the healing method of Patrick San Francesco, Tanhit’s practices, vocal practices of Peruquois, osteopathy, massage techniques. I also received a Dzogchen transmission from a great teacher Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. Today the following practices help me to stay in the state of clear and conscious presence: yantra yoga, vajra dance, meditation. Another source of strong support in my life is my connection with a great Dzogchen teacher Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche.
There is a concept in Buddhism of a ‘root teacher’, when you meet yours, you remember who you really are, what your true nature, your essence is. But it’s impossible to know in advance who becomes the ‘root teacher’ for you. You can’t just choose a famous guru and decide “he’ll be my root teacher”, it just happens when you meet the right person.
Before I met Maya Mandala I felt like I’d been navigating my life blindfolded. I’d been unable to get a clear understanding of who I was, or what the world around me was about. In Maya’s presence things began to change – I began to see the very essence of things.
I was happy to have the opportunity to go and learn at the following of Maya’s retreats: “Conscious Birth”, “Abundance”, “Blossom”, “Dakini and the Dimensions of Light”, “Returning to Self”.
Every year since 2012 I attend Maya’s “Mandala Temple Dance” certification workshops to confirm my Mandala Dance Facilitator certification.
In this dance I connect to my initial clarity and purity, spontaneity and blissfulness, and I’ve learnt to bring these qualities into my everyday life.

As a Mandala Dance facilitator I offer regular weekly sessions, as well as workshops and master classes. I also host women’s circles and write articles, offer workshops and classes on dance & movement therapy (certified practitioner with 8 years of practice), and psychological consultations (degree in psychology and over 10 years of practice).

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