My background is in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. I used to work in a psychiatric clinic and had a private practice.
Since my early childhood I’ve been receiving sacred knowledge about the Earth and the ethereal dimensions from my psychic god-mother, who’d received her gift via her ancestral lineage.
All my life I’ve been learning various massage and healing arts, such as Reiki, Slavic Zhiva, bioenergetic healing, marma massage, Sujok therapy, Sat Nam Rasayan (by Master Gurudev Singh Khalsa). I gave many private and group healing sessions.
I studied Kundalini yoga in the Yoga Bhajan tradition with Master Karta Singh Khalsa, completed two levels of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and then taught this practice for a few years.
I also learned shamanic practices and shamanic drum healing in the native american tradition.
I regularly go to the UK and Ireland where I learn various traditions of working with the elementals, forces of nature and Runes.

I joined the practice of Mandala Dance in 2014. I am Maya’s interpreter in her workshops, and the editor of her books: “Mandala Dance”, “Breath of Life”, “Mandala Dance. Level 2”.
My personal daily practice of Mandala Dance and the amount of time spent in the presence of the creator and the Master of the practice, allowed me to learn the elements of the dance in detail, to see the energy structure of these elements, to recognize the sacred keys that form the foundation of this structure.

Mandala Dance is first of all a sacred practice, which allows for transformation of energy and consciousness, and as a result, for transformation of the existing reality. One can’t overlook anything here. A tiniest shift in the body means a giant shift in energy.

I hope that my experience and knowledge gathered during the workshops and my personal conversations with the master will allow my students to bring their body into alignment, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the sacred part of the elements, tune into and then share the space of pure light that is at the core of this practice.

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