My journey into the world of sacred practices began in 2012, when I learnt Mandala Dance.
Up until then I did a lot of belly dancing, intuitively looking for some hidden internal harmony in the dance, but failed to find it at that time..
After watching a video with Maya Mandala, I felt a strong inner calling of my soul. This was the beginning of my journey of discovery, healing and returning to myself.
For me this practice is a beautiful union of dance and healing. It’s a pure gift – healing through dance!

Then there was a period of intense personal practice in my life – I kept practicing Mandala, took part in dynamic meditation marathons by Tanhit and Osho, Sufi whirling, Gurdjieff movements, holotropic breathwork, vocal practices by Peruquois, Aurasoma healing.
In 2013, deeply moved by the practice, I changed my career and began to offer regular Mandala dance sessions. Step by step, layer by layer, different illnesses and diseases, physical, emotional and mental patterns showed up and healed. My life became easier as I learned to see and accept it as it is.

With my progress in the practice I noticed increasing sensitivity of my hands so I began to learn massage. My body was gradually transforming, becoming more flexible, soft and graceful. I learned to own and give space to my emotions, to accept the shadow sides of myself, I learned to be happy and enjoy this life, I learned to accept my family and friends and respect the choices of their souls. I started travelling, spending time in the beautiful parts of this planet and met many incredibly beautiful people.

Many things became very clear and I’m looking forward to keep learning. I continue my journey dancing. Love keeps me dancing and dance keeps me alive.
In the practice of Mandala I discovered the true nature, clarity and purity, the unity of Dance and Healing, of creativity and celebration of Life.

Nowadays I offer regular sessions, workshops and master classes on Mandala Dance in my home city of Ufa (Russia) and during my travels (Goa, Bali, Russia).
I also invite you to join me for Kali-meditation sessions and for my tours and retreats around Asia and Indonesia.
You are very welcome to experience my healing and rejuvenating sessions and ask me for a massage training course.

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